Shreveport Dance Academy

School Uniforms

The school dress code includes a designated color and style for each level and consists of a leotard and a skirt or belt. Other leotards not in uniform will not permitted in classes. Please see the Uniform Policy for class styles and colors.


All Ballet classes wear Pink Tights with Pink Ballet Shoes

**Grade I and above Ballet classes must wear an elastic belt with leotard. **

**Young Ballet, Creative Ballet, Pre-Ballet, Pre-Primary, and Primary Ballets may wear a skirt (same color as uniform below) with their leotard. **



Uniform List by Class

Young Ballet – Pink Leotard

Creative Ballet – Pink Leotard

Pre-Ballet- Buttercup Leotard

Pre-Primary Ballet- Seafoam Green Leotard

Primary Ballet – White Leotard

Grade I Ballet – Light Blue Leotard

Grade II Ballet – Garnet Red Leotard

Grade III Ballet – Periwinkle Leotard

Grade IV Ballet – Navy Blue Leotard

Grade V Ballet – Royal Blue Leotard

Advanced I Ballet – Burgundy Leotard

Advanced II Ballet – Royal Blue Leotard

Advanced III and above – Black Leotard

Pre-Tap, Tap I – Black Leotards, Velcro Tap Shoes

Tap II and Above – Black Leotards, Tie Tap Shoes

All Jazz Classes – Black Leotards, Black Jazz Pants,

Slip on Jazz Shoes

All Hip Hop Classes – Black Leotards, Black Jazz Pants,

Hip Hop Shoes

*All Uniforms are available at Shreveport Gymnastics*




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