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Dear Parents and Guardians:

Time flies by so fast and before we know it, It’s Show Time! We have been working on the year’s recital and now it is our pleasure to share with all of you. This letter is to inform you of the Studio’s policy regarding our performance and how it revolves around your “Star” and our student. All of the recital information will be posted on our website,, as well as handed out to you if you misplace this packet. If, after reviewing the information, you have further questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Participation in the Recital is NOT MANDATORY. This is entirely your decision. We do, however, encourage you to let your child participate as it is truly a valuable experience for them. All students are treated equally whether they do or do not participate.


In order to present every student properly, we find it difficult to put an exact length of the entire performance. In years past, we found the show to run a maximum of two (2) hours. The students must be at the auditorium one (1) hour before Curtain and will not be excused until the entire performance is over. If the length of the Recital is a concern to you, please do not have your child participate.

There will be a dress rehearsal in addition to (2) studio rehearsals that every child must attend. The dress rehearsal will be approximately 2 hours long. Studio rehearsals will last 2 hours.

The students will be under the care of Stage Mother Volunteers at the show. No unauthorized parents or visitors are allowed backstage or in the dressing rooms. No students will be allowed in the Auditorium during the Recital. They will get to see the show during Dress Rehearsal.

Permission slips must be returned with full payment for Costume and Recital Fees prior to October 29, 2010. Please do not be late as there is a time limit for ordering costumes. The recital fee can be paid by January 15, 2011 if this is financially more convenient for you; however, we must be firm with the costume payment.

All of the above scenarios have proven to be most beneficial and effective through our years of experience. They provide the best atmosphere for the entire cast and crew. We ask you to follow each and every one, in fairness to all. Our interest and aim of the studio is to present your child in the best possible atmosphere; one which they can enjoy and always remember. We only want the best for our students and we are certain that is your goal as well.

Thank you for your cooperation and support, it plays an important role in our success and dedication. We are looking forward to working with you in this super adventure!

Dancingly yours,

Kendra Meiki

Director, Shreveport Dance Academy



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